Mitch Richmond

Taken with the 5th pick of the 1988 NBA Draft, by the Golden State Warriors, Mitch Richmond had an incredibly consistent NBA career. With a sensational Rookie season, Richmond averaged 23.1 points, 6.2 rebounds and 4.4 assists which would earn him Rookie Of The Year honours. Most players would kill to put up those kind of numbers at least once in their career, yet alone their first season in the NBA.

His next two seasons in Golden State, Richmond continued to be a solid performer averaging over 22 points a game. Richmond was a part of the trio dubbed ‘RUN TMC’ along side Chris Mullin and Tim Hardaway who brought flat out excitement to the Bay Area over the course of their 3 years together. In somewhat of a shock move Richmond was traded to the Sacramento Kings in 1991 after just 3 seasons at the Warriors, it would be a great move for the Kings who had just landed a legitimate superstar.


Richmond spent 7 seasons at the Kings, incredibly averaging over 20 points a game each of them. He would become a 6 x All-Star while playing in Sacramento and is arguably one of their all time greatest players. His best season scoring wise came in 1997, when he averaged 25.9 points a game. Richmond averaged over 20 points a game in his in his first 10 seasons in the NBA, a feat that not many can say they have achieved. Richmond was traded to Washington in 1998, he would spend 3 seasons there before playing his final year in the NBA for the Los Angeles Lakers. As a veteran, fittingly he would win a title there in his last season. Mitch Richmond is a true icon of the game and one of the most constant scorers you’d ever hope to see.

Fun Facts

Richmond wore the numbers #23, #22 and #9 over his NBA career.

Richmond was inducted into the Hall Of Fame in 2014.


Walt Williams

With the nickname ‘The Wizard’ you have to be able to do some extraordinary things on the basketball court, and Walt Williams could do just that. Taken with the 7th pick of the 1992 NBA Draft, by the Sacramento Kings, Williams was league ready and it showed in his Rookie season where he averaged 17 points in just over 28 minutes a game. Standing at 6 foot 8, Williams could stretch the defence with his 3-point shooting prowess and length. Known for his iconic look of the long white socks up to his knees, Williams began to make a name for himself at the Kings.


In his 3rd season, he was given a starting role and flourished averaging 16.4 points per game. Williams had some nice years with the Kings, however such is the nature of the NBA, he was traded to Miami during the 95-96 season, before again being traded to Toronto the very next year. There he would again put up similar stats to his earlier years scoring 16.4 points per game, then injuries hit derailing his time in Toronto.

Williams would spend time at Portland, Houston and Dallas before his career finished in 2003. Williams hit a total of 976, 3-pointers during is career at almost 38%. Walt ‘The Wizard’ Williams had a more than serviceable career in the NBA, particularly in his early years when he had some good seasons with the Kings, he also made some headlines during his career, perhaps his biggest was when he punched Shawn Bradley!

Fun Facts

Williams wore the numbers #42 and #43 during his NBA career.

Williams participated in the 1997, 3-Point shootout at the All-Star Weekend.

Jason Williams

The number #55 Sacramento Jersey, would have to be one of the more popular jerseys in the franchise’s history. Why is that? Because a man by the nickname ‘White Chocolate’ arrived in style in his Rookie season. Taken with the 7th pick of the 1998 draft, Jason Williams didn’t take long to have the turnstiles in Sacramento working overtime. Williams brought showtime to the Kings averaging 12.8 points and 6 assists in his first season. It wasn’t so much his stats that stood out, but more his style of play. He brought a ‘Streetball’ brand of play to the hardwood courts, that would have the fans mesmerised.


No look passes, killer crossovers and court vision of the highest quality, is what comes to mind when I remember ‘White Chocolate’. His second season would see him put up similar numbers as his Rookie year. The one knock around the league on Williams was his shooting ability. Shooting 37% from the field wasn’t quite going to cut it, if he was to be the Kings long-term starting point guard. After his 3rd year at the Kings, they decided to trade Williams in a deal that would see them gain the services of Mike Bibby. For Kings fans, it was a bitter-sweet moment, as Williams had breathed new life into the franchise, and had the stadium rocking with some majestic ‘Showtime’ performances in the 3 years he was there.

Check out ‘Jason Williams’ top 10 plays on the link below.

Jason Williams Top 10 Plays

His new destination would be the then Vancouver Grizzlies, and it would be in Vancouver that Williams began to mature as a Point Guard in the league. Williams first season at the Grizzlies he averaged a career high 14.8 points per-game, and also added 8 assists a game. The team relocated and became the Memphis Grizzlies, Williams would become a consistent performer over a 4-year stretch for the Grizz. There were still elements of ‘White Chocolate’ but a much more consistent and mature version of Jason Williams is what the Grizzlies fans saw.


The end of the 2005 season, saw Williams traded to the Miami Heat, a move that would bring undoubtedly William’s most cherished moment of his NBA career. Williams would become an NBA Champion, as the HEAT would win it all under the guidance of Shaquille O’Neal and a young Dwayne Wade. Williams played a nice role for the Heat that season, and showed his maturity as a player shooting 44% from the field, and coming up with some huge moments and big shots that helped contribute to the Heat’s title. Williams played another two nice seasons in Miami before deciding to retire at the end of the 2008 season.


A retirement short-lived! After just one year out of the game Williams decided to return to the NBA to play for the Orlando Magic. He would play a nice role off the bench as a 3-point threat, making 221 threes at a career high 38%. The Magic had some playoff success whilst Williams was there, but ultimately time was just about up for one of the flashiest players the league had seen in some time. He ended up back at Memphis 2011, however only managed 11 games before the career of ‘White Chocolate’ finally came to an end. He amassed 4,611 assists over his career, and all you have to do is watch a Jason Williams highlight package to see that plenty of those assists are arguably the best you’ll ever see! Jason Williams was an icon to the NBA, and his jersey is still worn by Kings and NBA fans alike.

Fun facts:

In his Rookie year the number #55 Jersey was a top 5 in sales across the league.

Jason Williams wore 4 numbers across his NBA career: 55, 2, 44 and 3.