George Gervin

George Gervin was drafted with the 40th pick of the 1974 NBA Draft, by the Phoenix Suns. The career he forged however was with the San Antonio Spurs. Gervin was a scoring machine averaging 25.1 points per game across his career.

Given the nickname ‘The Iceman’ Gervin would appear in 9 straight NBA All-Star games which is a testament to his domination and popularity across his career. To add to his resume, Gervin also featured in 3 x ABA All-Star games before he crossed over to the NBA. Gervin’s best scoring season would come in 1980 when he averaged an amazing 33.1 points per game.


Not only is George Gervin is one of the all time great Spurs, but he is also one of the all time greats to play the game of basketball. His number #44 has been retired by the Spurs and he will forever be etched in their history.


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