Manute Bol

If you can touch an NBA basketball ring without jumping, then I’d say it’s your destiny to play basketball. A man by the name Manute Bol could do just that. Drafted with the 31st pick of the 1985 NBA Draft, by the Washington Bullets, Bol stood at an incredible 7 ft 7 and weight just 90 kg, which is very light considering someone of that height. His Rookie year saw him with stats of 3.7 points, 6 rebounds and an incredible 5 blocks per game. Bol set what is still tied for an NBA record of 12 blocks in a single game during the 1985 season.














Click on the link below to see Bol’s incredible block sequence:

Bol’s 4 blocks in a row

Bol spent 3 seasons at the Bullets, before being traded to the Golden State Warriors in 1988. He spent 2 years at the Warriors, not really setting the world on fire with his numbers, however he did begin to discover he had a 3-point shot in his arsenal ‘If you could call it that’. He took an astonishing 91, 3-pointers in during the 1989 season, making 20 of them. Bol’s next destination was the Philadelphia 76ers, where Bol would spend a further 2 and a half seasons. His numbers declined even more, which started to spell the end for the giant Manute. He did however have one of the more iconic performances a 7 ft 7 man can have, shooting an amazing 6-12 from 3-point land in a half against the Phoenix Suns.









Click on the link to see Bol’s iconic shooting performance:

Bol’s six 3-pointers

In Bol’s last four seasons in the NBA he went to Miami, Washington, Philadelphia and back to Golden State, totalling just 19 games. The career of Manute Bol had come to an end, but he is simply one of the most iconic and unique players the NBA has ever seen.

Fun Facts:

At 7 ft 7, Bol sits equal top for the tallest ever NBA player.

Bol wore the numbers: #10, #11, #4 and #1 during his career.


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