Mookie Blaylock

When it comes to the coolest NBA names, Mookie Blaylock has to be top 5! Just ask the band ‘Pearl Jam’ who originally named their band after the 6ft Point Guard. As for the other names in my top 5, I’ll get to those at a later date.

Mookie Blaylock was drafted by the New Jersey Nets with pick 12 of the 1989 draft. In his rookie season he would average 14.3 points and 6 assists per game, and would consistently get those numbers with his first 3 season for the Nets. In somewhat of a shock he would be traded to the Atlanta Hawks in 1992, and it would be here that Blaylock stamped his mark as one of the more consistent NBA point guards to cut his craft in the 90s.


At Point Guard, Blaylock would become the general of the Atlanta Hawks team during the early 90s, not only was his name iconic but his basketball IQ would see him become an NBA All-Star in 1994. That season he averaged 13.8 points a game and a career high 9.7 assists and 2.6 steals. Blaylock was well renowned for having lightning hands on defence and would collect over 200 steals for 5 straight seasons for the Hawks.


Click on the link below to see some highlights of Mookie:

Blaylock 90s highlights

Blaylock would develop his 3-point shooting as his career progressed, and became someone who teams would have to respect from deep. In the 96 and 97 seasons he would hit 231 and 221 threes respectively. After 7 solid years in Atlanta, Blaylock would find himself traded to the Golden State Warriors in 1999. He still had a couple of nice years at the Warriors as a reserve but his numbers started to dwindle as his minutes decreased. Blaylock would finish his time in the NBA after 3 seasons at Golden State.

Cool Facts:

‘Pearl Jam’ were originally called ‘Mookie Blaylock’ until Blaylock himself decided he did not want his name used by the band.

Mookie Blaylock currently ranks 11th on the all time NBA steals list with 2,075.


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