Dan Majerle

Dan Majerle or otherwise known as ‘Thunder Dan’ was drafted with the 14th pick of the 1988 draft by the Phoenix Suns. In his rookie year Majerle averaged 8.6 points per game and shot 33% from 3-point range. In his early years with Phoenix he would be given the nickname ‘Thunder Dan’ for his leap and dunking abilities, however as his career moved forward his shooting would become his most powerful weapon, in particular his 3-point prowess.


Majerle continued to develop his trade as a 3-point marksman and in the 1992-93 season he erupted hitting 167, 3-pointers at 38% and led the league in 3-point field goals made. Dan Majerle was an important cog to a Phoenix team that season who went on to become the Western Conference champions, only to lose in the NBA finals to the Chicago Bulls, which unfortunately was the fate for all teams who ran into the man who wore #23 for the Bulls. Majerle finished the 92-93 season with a scoring average of 16.9 points per game.

Click on the link below to watch Majerle in action:

Majerle erupts for 34 points and 8-3pointes against the Sonics in the 93 Playoffs

Majerle would again take his 3-point shooting to new levels in the following 93-94 season hitting 192 which again led the league. The Suns were a case of so close yet so far when it came to winning that much sought after NBA championship, and I remember vividly following the hype that surrounded the Sun’s golden years. Majerle was part of the charge that saw a wave of new 3-point specialists and he was the perfect prototype. He also was a great lock down defender and I liken him to a Klay Thompson type of today’s NBA.

The 95-96 season would see Majerle traded to the Cleveland Cavaliers and the following season he would be again traded to the Miami Heat where he would spend the next 5 seasons. He continued to be an important cog for the Miami team coming off the bench as that important 3-point threat, but his scoring averages would dramatically decline from his glory days at the Phoenix Suns. Fittingly ‘Thunder Dan’ would return to the Phoenix Suns for his final season in 2002.


Majerle would hit a career 1360, 3-pointers and had a career scoring average of 11.4 points per game. Majerle truly was a pioneer for the 3-point marksman, and an NBA icon that will be remembered.

Fun facts:

Dan Majerle was a 3 x All-Star 1992, 93 and 95

Dan Majerle currently ranks 31st for all time 3-pointers made.


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