Harold Miner

Growing up in the 90s as a kid and a basketball fan, I remember many iconic NBA names of the time, today I am looking at Harold Miner.

Drafted by the Miami Heat at pick number 12 of the 1992 draft, Harold Miner came into the league with the nickname ‘Baby Jordan’ which obviously brings high expectations! In Miner’s rookie year the 6-5 Shooting Guard averaged 10.3 points per game and looked to have a bright future in the league.

In 1993 Miner produced arguably his best NBA moment winning the NBA dunk contest with a series of ferocious dunks. Unfortunately he did not really carry on from the foundation he built in his rookie season, and finished the 93/94 season averaging 10.5 points per game and 2.5 rebounds.


Check the link for one of Harold Miner’s most iconic dunks:

Harold Miner 1993 slam from the Dunk Contest

Entering his 3rd season with injuries mounting, Harold Miner’s NBA career rapidly declined. He only managed to play 45 game for Miami in the 94/95 season averaging 7.3 points per game and was traded by the Miami Heat to the Cleveland Cavaliers. His time at the Cavs was short just playing 19 games averaging 3.2 points per game. He was released by the Cavs and due to lack of opportunity and injury Harold Miner decided to retire. His career was short but sweet, but I still remember the hype around the man they called ‘Baby Jordan’.

Fun Facts:

Harold Miner also won the 1995 Slam Dunk contest wearing the number #4, his most notable number he wore was #32

Harold Miner appeared in the classic arcade game ‘NBA Jam’.



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